4 Bedroom – Home Solar Panels and Battery Storage Installation – Old Avenue – Weybridge – KT13

Project Features:

Project Overview

Acen Solar recently completed a home solar panel and battery storage installation for a 4-bedroom house on Old Avenue, Weybridge, KT13. This project is a great example of Acen Solar’s dedication to delivering reliable and efficient energy solutions for homeowners.

The system installed includes a 6kW Solar PV System, made up of 15 high-quality 415W Perlight Solar Panels. These panels are designed to capture sunlight effectively, ensuring the home has a steady supply of renewable energy. The setup is managed by a 6kW Solis Hybrid Inverter, which converts solar energy into electricity that can be used in the home.

A key feature of this installation is the 10kW PureDrive Solar Battery. This battery stores any excess energy produced during the day, allowing the homeowner to use it when the sun isn’t shining or during peak usage times. This helps in reducing energy bills and ensures a reliable power supply.

The system also includes online monitoring, providing the homeowner with real-time insights into their energy production and usage. This feature allows them to see exactly how much energy is being generated and consumed at any given moment. By tracking performance, homeowners can identify patterns in their energy use and adjust their habits to maximise efficiency.

This can lead to better energy management and potential cost savings. Additionally, online monitoring can alert homeowners to any issues with their system, ensuring that it operates smoothly and effectively.

Overall, this feature empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about their energy consumption.

Acen Solar makes sure that every installation meets high standards of safety and performance. This project is registered with HIES, which guarantees consumer protection and quality assurance. It also has EPVS Validation, confirming the accuracy of the performance estimates. Additionally, the installation is MCS Certification, which is a mark of quality in the renewable energy industry.

With this installation, the homeowners in Weybridge can enjoy the benefits of lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Acen Solar is committed to providing dependable and effective renewable energy solutions for homeowners across London, Kent and Essex.